General Meeting 12 June 2018

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 at 7.30 pm
Culture Space Level 2, Australian Museum


Ian Burnet: Where Australia Collides with Asia

Where Australia Collides with Asia - The Epic Voyages of Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace and the origin of On The Origin of Species

Alfred Russel Wallace recognised the boundary between the fauna of Asia and Australasia when he crossed the narrow strait between Bali and Lombok in 1856. This boundary was subsequently named the Wallace Line and the biogeographic region of Eastern Indonesia is known as Wallacea in his honour.

It was tectonic plate movement which brought these disparate worlds together and it was Alfred Russel Wallace’s ‘Letter from Ternate’ that forced Charles Darwin to finally publish his landmark work ‘On the Origin of Species’.

Ian Burnet uses their books, diaries and letters to tell the remarkable story of ‘Where Australia Collides with Asia’.

*** Also Show and Tell, and refreshments after the talk ***

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