General Meeting

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 at 7.30 pm
Australian Museum


Wendy Grimm: Native Pollinators

What motivates insects to visit plants? How do plants deceive insects into providing pollination services?

These questions have tied Wendy’s interest in Australian native plants to her passion for capturing images of small, mostly inconspicuous insects. She will talk about insect pollinator relationships to several well-known plant families.

Wendy recently spent three months with biologists from China and the USA exploring pollination in several species of Corunastylis (Genoplesium), a genus of orchid found in the Sydney area, and is currently on the track of the pollinator of Genoplesium baueri.

*** Also Show and Tell, and refreshments after the talk ***

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the building for the meeting is via the steps from William Street