General Meeting

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 at 7.30 pm
Australian Museum


Margot Blues: Termites - Friends or Foe?

Next Meeting: Tuesday 11 April 2017

7.30 pm

Australian Museum

1 William St, Sydney

Speaker: Margot Blues

Termites – Friends or Foe?

This talk will touch on termite evolution in Australia; biology, beginning with the amazing egg laying capacity of the “modern” queen, colony castes and their function, nest types, appetite for all things cellulose.

For 16 years Margot Blues was a member of a voluntary research group – “All things termite”.  The group was led by retired Forestry Commission Entomologist Mr Phil Hadlington with other members equally qualified and experienced.  The group disbanded in 2006 due to age related constraints.

Margot currently works as a consulting arborist with a speciality into termite identification and treatment.

*** Also Show and Tell, and refreshments after the talk ***

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the building for the meeting is via the steps from William Street