AGM February 2017

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 at 7.30 pm
Australian Museum


Matthew Bulbert: Animal Magic

Next Meeting: Tuesday 14 February 2017

7.30 pm

Australian Museum

1 William St, Sydney

AGM then Speaker: Matthew Bulbert

Animal Magic

When we think of magic we think of the fantasy worlds of Harry Potter or the illusionists such as David Copperfield or the slight of hand of Penn and Teller. What many of us do not realise is that many of the feats created by magicians have existed within the animal kingdom for longer than humans have been practicing the dark arts. In this presentation I will attempt to convince you that insects can: fool you with extravagant illusions, disappear before your very eyes and, transform their appearances to make them look like something they are not. The talk will introduce you to a range of beasties and if you are lucky there may even be some data to back up the claims!

Making his long overdue return to the insect society talk circuit is Dr Matthew Bulbert. Dr. Bulbert is a Lecturer in Animal Behaviour at Macquarie University who has a keen interest in how and why animals use deceptive tactics to either avoid being eaten or to trick prey. This interest extends to animal systems that use more than one tactic throughout their lifecycle - a phenomenon that potentially holds to the key to why animals should use one strategy over others.

*** Also Show and Tell, and refreshments after the talk ***

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the building for the meeting is via the steps from William Street